M&A and strategic partnership between startups and established companies

Routrek Networks' financing led by A-FIVE, JA Mitsui Leasing and OPTiM

June 2020

Fund-raising of i-nest capital

February 2020

Gene Therapy's financing led by TAIYO HOLDINGS and so on

December 2019

WingArc1st's financing led by ITOCHU and Sansan

November 2019

Financing of Carsome

November 2019

Smartcamp is acquired by Money Forward

November 2019

Weekday, Inc. is acquired by Nippon Television

August 2019

Financing of Alpha JWC Ventures

May 2019

Money Design's financing led by Sonpo Japan andToppan

September 2018

NTT Communications acquired Phone Appli

August 2018

PTC's financing led by Ricoh and ASKUL

June 2018

Refinancing of Trigence

June 2018

Fracta is acquired by Kurita

May 2018

Sold Tsukuruba's subsidiary to Aktsuki

November 2017

Konica Minolta and INCJ
acquired Ambry Genetics

October 2017

Kabuku sold to Futaba

September 2017

Sale of Commerce 21
to Yahoo! Japan

July 2017

TABI LABO ‘s capital and
business alliance with
Discovery channel and DAC

June 2017

Money Design’s capital and
business alliance with
Simplex· Holdings

May 2017

Sumitomo Heavy Industries acquired Persimmon Technologies

April 2017

Strategic support for
Videology’s business
development in Japan

April 2017

Strategic support for
Tapad’s business
development in Japan

April 2017

Santen Pharmaceutical
acquired Innfocus

July 2016

Toyota Motor’s
partnership strategy
with startup companies
for artificial
Intelligence-based vehicles

March 2016

Life Science Institute
acquired Clio

June 2015